Besigye Pimps His Ride: ‘I hope it works’ he says

Kizza Besigye has totally pimped out his ride, a Toyota land cruiser aka ‘the war machine.’

Social media was awash with pictures of the machine with ‘burglar proofing’ on all glass windows and screens and now the man himself has come out to explain the reasoning behind the modifications on the vehicle.

Besigye posted pictures of his new look land cruiser on twitter with the caption:

‘Finding remedy to Police violence – minimise injury to occupants & reduce cost of replacing glasses. Hope it works- Not turning back.’

One twitter user in Kenya replied: ‘we shall be using this method in Kenya too! May History be kind on your side sir.’ another user posted: ‘Okwerinda si buti, so the Baganda say.

Another had more practical advice: ‘Col. Besigye look for alternative tyres that can’t be deflated. We need to stop a repeat of that silly cop doing the same to your tyres.’ while another said on facebook; ‘Yes you have to be prepared. With this al nakba NRA everything is posible.’

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