Medical Interns Could Also Go On Strike Tonight

Medical student interns in government hospitals are slated to hold a meeting later today to decide whether to follow their senior medics on a sit down demanding better renumeration and working conditions.

If the interns lay down their tools the public health sector will be totally paralyzed because medical doctors have been on strike for two weeks and last week refused to return to work despite government threats of criminal charges.

According to leaked documents, the interns will have their meeting at Galloway hostel in Mulago today to determine their course of action.

Robert Lubega, the president of medical interns, said the group are divided on what action to take with many choosing to lay down their tools and join the doctors on strike while others are opposed to the strike.

At Mulago all the 56 medical interns voted to go on strike. At Soroti all the 46 interns voted not to strike, and in Lira all the 11 interns also chose to stay and work.

Jinja hospital had its 10 interns supporting industrial action.

Slightly over half of the interns (52.4%) want industrial action taken while 47.5% said they want do stay and work.

Last week all the interns demanded to be paid a minimum of 2.5million salary per month.

Government in a statement refused to yield to the demands of the doctors and threatened to have those on strike removed from the payroll and prosecuted.

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