Sheebah Survives Angry Mob In Mbale

Snoops have landed on juice that sexy songstress Sheebah survived being lynched by an angry beer soaked mob in Mbale over the weekend.

A party had been arranged and Sheeba and Rema were supposed to perform at Thatch Gardens (Hi5) and the Mbale drinkards brigade started converging and drinking and waiting from 6:00pm.

The revelers were excited and drank some more. Bell Lager was headlining the show and the drink of moderation was on promotion. It came to 1:00am and the revelers drank some more but Sheebah and Rema were no where to be seen.

Then the drunk crowd grew impatient and the impatience led to anger and the anger to frustration. They soon started demanding their money back. They threw chairs and bottles at the stage and the moderate ones walked away left the show.

Sheebah walked in after 2:30am and the mob was already pissed off literary. They threw chairs and bottles at them and hurled insults. Its only a miracle the songstresses were not hurt.


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  1. But these are not serious musicians how do you commence a show at 2.30am when people are retiring home, its rip off.

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