Singer Brenda Drags Along A Pensioner

She might be struggling to keep her career on fire but singer Brenda Nambi has no problems when it comes to getting jiggy with loaded gerontocrats.
She was pictured with a stun face, dragging one fella by the arm in a tarvern in Nalya. On her face we could read signs of what she had lined up for the man later in the night.
Nambi has been in traumatic relationships and it seems she has finally gotten herself a guy to heal her broken heart.
Snoops can exclusively reveal that the guy who is docking at what used to be promoter Ally Alibhai’s station is a Muzungu pensioner. The love smitten duo made their first official outing at the Singer Bebe Cool Unplugged Night at the plush Silk Liquid Nalya. ‘The couple couldn’t take their eyes off each other the entire night and kept whispering and giggling at anything that passed in front of them,’ a snoop reported.  A pal intimated that the Muzungu is splashing cash on her so that she can forget all the sufferings and heartaches of the years gone by.
Brenda was promoter ally Alibhai’s lover and she gave him numerous sleepless nights of passion but when he got to meet current wife Slyvia Namutebi, he dumped her without mercy.

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