DPC Kirumira Rants, Police Drop Charges

ASP Muhammad Kirumira has protested angrily against his continued detention at Nalufenya where he says he’s not allowed to access any visitors.

The Former Old Kampala and Buyende DPC was arrested last week and charged by Police’s disciplinary committee before being taken to Nalufenya where he is still being held.

He made his latest outburst at Naguru where he had been returned to answer the charges labeled against him.

Kirumira ranted: “They bring be to court in sleepers…they remand me to Railway police station but then I get taken at night to Nalufenya where I cannot communicate to my relatives. They(Flying Squad) have no offence against me but arrested and dragged me to Nalufenya. If it was PSU (Professional Standards Unit) who have a charge against me over my conduct I would not have a problem with it but Flying Squad which has nothing against me is wrong.”

Kirumira said the police was keeping him at Nalufenya asa form of punishment and yet he is supposed to be presumed innocent.

He also accused the police prosecutor, SSP Catherine Kusemereire of having him taken to Nalufenya before asking for bail to enable him return him care for his pregnant wife.

Kusemereire said: “I oppose reinstatement of his bail because he would not only interfere with witnesses but also scandalise the police force with his statements which puts our lives in danger.”

The court chairman promised to rule on Kirumira’s application for bail next week.

The police also dropped some charged the had labeled against Kirumira after the witness they had lined up turned rogue and refused to cooperate.

Kirumira was accused of unnecessary exercise of authority contrary to section 44 of the Police Act while still the OC station for Nansana he tortured one Pius Kato by beating him with wires.

However, police prosecutor Kusemereire said the police could not proceed with the charge because Kato has since died.

The prosecution also dropped another charge of discreditable and irregular conduct contrary to section 12 of the Police Act.

The court chairman Senior Commissioner of Police Denis Odongpiny dropped the two charges but Kirumira was taken back to Nalufenya on remand till next week.

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  1. Let Kirumira fill the coolers, he[when not rogue police] thought they had build Nalufenya for the opposition or criminals, It is good that he has known his innocence but being put in Nalufenya like the victims from Kasese and others. I think after his semester, he will come out a good carder of both freedom & criminology [Prov: A beast can eat another beast].

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