Kids Taking Alcohol To School- Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has launched a war against underage drinking after revealing that children in school are in the habit of taking alcohol to school.
Kadaga said her office has been informed that children mix alcohol in the food they carry to school and that in some schools the pupils carry alcholo sachets to class.
She appealed to teachers, parents and all well-wishers to inspect food and other items that children carry to school in order to ensure they are alcohol free.
Kadaga made the call during Archbishop Stanley Ntagali’s pastoral visit to Busesa Archdeaconry in Iganga district.
“I have learnt that children immerse bread in alcohol and carry the snack to school, so that the teacher will think the child is simply eating bread,” says Kadaga.
“I want to ask all teachers and parents to inspect items that students carry to school”
Straight Talk Foundation Uganda on Saturday selected Kadaga as their ambassador for the campaign to reduce underage alcohol consumption among school goers. Kadaga promised to take the matter to Parliament for debate. Last week she lambasted government for not introducing the alcohol bill aimed at curbing alcoholism.
Stanley Ntagali, the Archbishop of Church of Uganda criticized teachers for negligence in handling children saying, “teachers are defiling our children; the kind of foundation being laid will not help children in future”.
He called on Iganga district leaders to beef up the quality of education and end examination malpractices which he considered ‘a high level of corruption’.

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