Magara: ‘They Sent Susan’s Fingers In A Bag’

John Magara, father to the murdered girl Susan, has shocked the country by confirming how the people who kidnapped his daughter sent two severed human fingers to the family in a bag.

Magara shocked mourners at Mbuya by revealing the extent of the brutality exhibited by the kidnappers.

Magara, who looked sad but composed declared that whereas, they have closure in that they don’t have to look for Susan anymore because she is dead, the family will forever live in fear.

“Two days before yesterday, they delivered two of her fingers and a recording of a video. I delivered it to police without watching it. I asked them to tell me what was in it. I gives me some relieve that she is dead and we wouldn’t be looking for Susan anymore. But we live in fear now. we live in fear because we don’t know the motive.’

Redempta Magara, the sister to murdered Susan Magara has called on the security forces to end the ‘daytime nightmare that has become the norm in Kampala.’

This was during the requiem mass of Susan Magara who was found murdered on Tuesday after going missing from February 7th.


The Mass was at Our Lady of Africa Catholic Church in Mbuya on Wednesday morning.

Redempta Magara, who was eulogising her sister on behalf of all the siblings; called on the authorities to end the nightmare of kidnappings and unresolved murders: ‘With unanswered questions, a heavy heart and a daytime nightmare that has become the norm I stand here.’

Cindy Magara another sister also took aim at the spate of unresolved murders in the country. She asked: ‘Who is next?

Cindy’s message was read by her husband Lukwago. She castigated the authorities for allowing so many unregistered phone numbers to stay active.

“We know that that most of these lines were unregistered and we want to know how this was possible, we are asking, how come numbers which are not registered are still in use? We need answers from NIRA, UCC and the rest. Susan should get justice. The people who killed Susan should be punished”

Flora Magara an auntie to Susan told the mourners that; ‘Last year on Christmas she (Susan) said it would be the last time she was throwing a party.’

Lenny Munagwa an Uncle, said: “every security service was involved. They did what they could but it looks like these people were smarter than them. 20 days is a long time to wait and 20 days is also a long time for police not to find out what is going on. In the end they didn’t find out , only for us to be told that she is dead”.

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  1. So sad for the death of my dear sister Magara. May the almighty God strengthen the beareved family but!!! the police should be cleaned otherwise, no more trust for the police.

  2. It’s so unfortunate that every day opens us to yet another tragedy. Something has gone amiss. Killings, robberies, and trickery are so rampant everywhere. We living in a lot of intense fear and most of us are helpless. There is a very big problem let us accept. Read also this: httpssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss://

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