Mowzey Murder Suspect Handed Self To Police – Sister

The man accused of assaulting popular singer Mowzey Radio who died from the resulting injuries, handed himself to the Police, according to the sister.

Radio aka Moses Sekibogo died last Thursday at Case Hospital after succumbing to head injuries sustained during a reported  brawl at a pub in Entebbe.

The day after his death, the police announced how they had arrested the man suspected to have beaten up Mowzey and inflicted the injuries that killed him. That man was named as Godfrey Wamala aka Troy.

But according to Wamala’s sister Jackie Muwanga, Wamala handed himself in to the police because he wanted to clear his name and was not arrested following a tip off  as the police claimed.

Wamala has since been charged with murder and remanded at Kigo prison, awaiting trial.

Muwanga told the press that contrary to claims by the police, Wamala was not arrested but surrendered himself to the police and even guided them to where he was sleeping in Kyengera.

Muwanga also claims that she took part in the surrender.

She said:“Last Sunday at 2:54pm, Troy (Wamala) called me, crying that he wanted me to escort him to the police because he felt that he was being falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit. I called my sister and a lawyer. The lawyer contacted Kampala Metropolitan Police commander Frank Mwesigwa, who connected us to Katwe Police Station officers. ”

Muwanga said from Katwe Police Station, she drove her car and was escorted by two police cars up to Kyengera. From Kyengera, it was Troy (Wamala) who was directing us on phone to the location where he was to be found and that is where we found him.

She said on coming back she sat in the police patrol with Wamala because the Katwe Police Station DPC Frantile Lwamusaayi vacated his seat on the patrol car.

She added: “all the way to Katwe police, he cried. He said he wanted police to know his side of the story because he didn’t even see the person who beat up Mowzey.’


2 thoughts on “Mowzey Murder Suspect Handed Self To Police – Sister

  1. Lies why was he hiding. Was he at his usual residence mbu handing himself to police. Naked lie

  2. I used to hear people say “its easy to stand in courts of law with a dead body”. I have come to realize that really this is true. Basing on what i have followed, so many people have been set free even when they committed those capital offenses. Look at what is going on with boda boda 2010 suspects. right now we are seeing these guys soon be released even when they caught them with evidence. Another guy who buttered a worker and is now free. Kale lets watch the space. Uganda the pearl of Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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