TZ MP Jailed 5 Months For Defaming Magufuli

A Tanzanian opposition MP has been sentenced to five-month in prison after he found guilty of defaming President John Magufuli.

Joseph Mbilinyi – popularly known as Sugu – from the opposition Chadema party, was convicted by a magistrate’s court in the southwestern town of Mbeya.

His co-accused, Emmanuel Masonga, was handed a similar prison sentence.

The two were accused of committing “hate speech” against President Magufuli at Mwenge Primary School in Mbeya on 30 December last year.

Mbilinyi earlier urged his supporters to remain calm and accept any form of court judgment.

Observers say the ruling will deepen concerns that Magufuli’s intolerance of dissent is eroding Tanzanian democracy.


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  1. Then my Ugandan dictator is better,,, we abuse from toes to the head and never thinks about it,,,,,, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion,,,, What if J.P.M was trump he is the most insane according to his electorates but still thy believe he deserves the biggest job in the world

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