KMP Police Chief Kafeero Warns Cops On Brutality

New Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Moses Kafeero has cautioned policemen under his command to desist from acts of brutality against civilians.

Kafeero who takes over from Frank Mwesigwa, said that for the police to recover from the bad public perception officers must promote ethics and morals and professionalism.

In a statement posted on their facebook page, Kafeero said that while most officers care about their communities and hold human life dear, a few “rotten apples” have messed the image of the whole force hence the need to exhibit high levels of discipline.

BE PROFESSIONAL: Kafeero talking to his policemen after taking office

He said: “You shouldn’t only dwell on solving big cases, but also those that seem negligible because before the public these cases matter a lot and handling them with professionalism impacts greatly on our image.”

Kafeero cautioned officers of painful repercussions if they’re involved in cases of brutality against civilians and refusing to follow instructions.

Brutality against civilians, he said is always characterized by abuse of authority, unwarranted infliction of excessive force by personnel involved in law enforcement.

He emphasized the need to acquaint themselves, regardless of their ranks, with various provisions of the law other than dwelling on the Penal Code Act only.

Kafeero said the police needs to pay special extra attention when handling evictions because if mishandled they make the police look bad in the eyes of the public.

He said a proper eviction process, should have a genuine court order and emphasized the need to bring all stake holders on board for example Local Council leaders and security chiefs like the GISO and DISO for the sake of public order.

He reminded the officers that their role in matters of eviction is to only witness that the eviction is carried out lawfully and in case there is another court order challenging the eviction or anticipation of violence, the officer in charge should call off the eviction process.


2 thoughts on “KMP Police Chief Kafeero Warns Cops On Brutality

  1. Indeed your ideas exbit high level of proffesinalism , ithink you need to give the police officers refresher courses on customer
    service and basic sections of the law ,
    we appreciate your aproch affande kafeero all the best

  2. This is it! but a lot bit too late but never late than never!! Com. Kafeero kindly organise refresher courses for officers especially those posted in the rural areas who mingle with the wanaichi and arresting them for small cases and in process end up extorting money from them.those are the one who have killed the image of the POLICE.Keep it up.

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