Njoroge Was My Lover – Makerere Staffer

Edward Kisuze, the Makerere University administrator who was pictured performing a sex act on a female, has told police that the girl in the picture was his girlfriend.

Kisuze was suspended from his job at the University after the girl alleged she was sexually molested on the day she took the picture.

The girl, Rachel Njoroge Njeri reported a case of rape at the police  and Kisuze has been in police cells ever since the matter spilled onto social media creating an uproar and sparking a debate on sexual harrassment by staff at Makerere University.

She claimed that Kisuze grabbed her and sexually molested her after she went to his office at Makerere to certify her academic papers.

RAPE CASE: Edward Kisuze is in police custody

Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire Luke told the reporters that Kisuze told the police in a statement that Njoroge was his lover and the two had an affair.

Owoyesigyire said: “He (Kisuze) claims they have been in a relationship. He accepts he knew the lady and they have been in a relationship, a file has been opened with charges of rape, sexual harassment. The file is going to be sent to resident state attorney for advice and when it is back we shall know when to take him to court.”

Relatedly, Red Pepper has been told that Kisuze who is married, has a child with another university lecturer who is not his wife. It is not clear if his wife knows about this baby mama who we are not naming for now.


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  1. apart from misuse of public office i don’t any problem they were love birds in the nest,they are big p’le,no cause for alarm.atakyikolangako amukube ejjinja”’ shame on the big mum led,a curse to ur grand grand children,u will never compete for any public office.

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