Ntinda Punters Appreciate Fortebet Gifts

Punters (clients) in Ntinda over the weekend appreciated Fortebet for giving back to
them, something they said had never happened in the betting industry in Uganda.
Like it has done before, even last weekend Fortebet reached out to Ntinda punters
and gave them a number of gifts that included European team jerseys, Fortebet T-
shirts, caps and wristbands. The highly emotional gifts’ handover was done inside
the branch on Saturday by Fortebet media manager, John Nanyumba, shortly before
most of the weekend games started. A record 60 punters walked home atleast with
any of the above gifts. Abas.K, one of the gifts’ winners said, “I knew you were going
to come here because I read it from your facebook page. However, i didn’t expect to
win a T-shirt because i thought there are so many procedures of getting it or a
competition. I am extremely happy because this gift has compensated the 10 million
that I lost yesterday just because of one team that was beaten at home. But next
time I know I will win, like i have done before.” Another punter who took a jersey
(Justus M) said that, “I have been using Fortebet at my betting company. But now
that it has even given me a gift, I will never ever stop betting with you (Fortebet)”
“Today, we have just done what we always do-appreciating our good customers.
Once we promise that we shall visit a given branch, we do it,” said Nanyumba just
after the handover. He added that Fortebet will, this weekend, give out gifts to it
Mbale town customers.

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