Police To Import Vehicles Worth 191Bn

Police is in the process of procuring over 150 vehicles for VIP use valued at US$51.8 million about Shillings 192 billion.

The procurement is provided for under the classified expenditure and has been ongoing since 2016.

Government has since released Shillings 139billion for the procurement and is expected to release the remaining Shillings 53billion in the 2018/2019 financial year. Police Spokesperson, Emillian Kayima declined to divulge details of the procurement when contacted.

“These are classified equipment whose details we shall not divulge. However, they will go a long way in adding value in as far as ensuring effective policing is concerned,” Kayima said.

A reliable source in the Police Procurement Unit told Uganda Radio Network that while the vehicles are being procured by government through the Uganda Police Force, they will be managed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which is in charge of protocol with police assistance.

“These are not our vehicles, we are buying them for protocol,” the police source said on condition of anonymity. Currently, the protocol office uses vehicles from different ministries and departments whenever there are many guests.

In 2015, police imported more than 100 motor vehicles which included executive vehicles for directors, trucks, buses, mini buses, communication and armored trucks. The importation brought the total number of motor vehicles in the force to 1524.


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  1. there is no being AV.I.P that is how gov’t is misusing money yet constracted hospitals are hostages of butts,no drugs,no beds for patients,doctors ever on strike and you dea to say vip look at alocal person but not your uniforms and belly stomacks.

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