Chaapa League Grand Finale This Sunday

The second season of the much hyped Chaapa League climaxes this Sunday at Kabira Country Club in Bukoto.

Chaapa League is a park football tournament featuring the old boys of Mbarara High School now prying their different trades in Kampala and nearby towns. Many of the players didn’t even play football back in their school days but have caught the sports bug ‘in retirement’. Some have beer bellies and some are as skinny as mosquitoes but the tackles on the pitch are top notch.

The league is arranged on teams recruiting players depending on the year they joined the prestigious school and this year’s tournament has been the most competitive. The teams then pick names from an array of slang terms intelligible only to those who went to Mbarara High School.

There have been 14 matchweeks where 16 teams have played each other on a round robin basis. This final weekend promises only fireworks, sliding tackles and all.

The class of 2003 CHOGM FC is going into the final weekend leading the table by just a point at 31 points with Yobo Yobo FC (2006) at 30 points and Badizzo FC (2008) and Kalasanda fc(2010) at 28 points each lying in waiting.

It’s anyone’s championship.

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