Gov’t Agencies Misguided on IDs – Kania

Government agencies that are tagging provision of services to the National Identity Card are misguided, State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania has said.

Obiga Kania made the statement in response to a question raised by Bugabula South MP Henry Maurice Kibalya, following reports that persons without National Identity Cards would be denied access to health services.

Today’s dailies quoted Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng stating that a digital system that will allow only those with National IDs to access medicine was in the offing. But Kibalya said such a move is inappropriate because the identity card process is incomplete and defective.

But Kania told parliament this afternoon that Uganda does not have a policy through which service delivery would be tagged on possession of a National Identity Card.

State Minister for Health Sarah Opendi says the tagging of national Identities is for the future and not now.



5 thoughts on “Gov’t Agencies Misguided on IDs – Kania

  1. That’s really non-sense, they don’t know what they should actually be making in that parliament!!!

  2. The person who proposed this idea
    should be taken to Butabika Hospital for mental testing.
    He/She wants medical workers to be corrupt.

    What is wrong with providing people living in Uganda with free medical services?
    All people living in Uganda pay high taxes .

  3. Ideally these people have run short of ideas.A big percentage of drugs in government stores is donor funded.These are foreigners who parted with their tax payers money with no string attached.How dare does someone come up with this nonsense.Never translate ur unpalatable romance to humanity.

  4. Identity cards should be strickened on security measures but not providing social services to the citizens like health care,food rations,purchasing lands or accommodations for the affected citizens during catastrophic incidences.

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