Gulu Guild Polls: Loser Challenges Results

James Onono Ojok, the loser in the Gulu University guild race, says he will challenge the results of the elections in court due to voter disenfranchisement and irregularities which denied him victory.

It all started two weeks ago when the elections were halted due to irregularities in the voter register after students discovered the names of Boniface Ojengo, a candidate who had withdrawn from the exercise on the ballot papers.

On Sunday, students went back to the polls to elect their leader. However the exercise descended into violence, which led to the arrest of Lucy Achrio, a student pursuing Master’s Degree in Agriculture.

Achiro accused the Electoral Commission of disenfranchising her from the process after she found her names missing from the voter register in polling station E for faculty of Agriculture.

Similar incidents were recorded at polling station G for Faculty of Business – Weekend.

The destruction of ballot boxes and other voting materials from the two affected stations prompted the commission to cancel results from both stations. Onono is challenging the decision to cancel the results saying it disenfranchised too many students from participating in the election.

On Sunday, Robert Mugerwa, the University returning officer declared Daniel Baziira, a third year medical student Onono, winner with 1,239 votes against Onono’s 490 votes.

Onono claims the violence resulted from premeditated malice in which Baziira carefully planned with the electoral commission to rob him of victory.

He is now drafting a petition to the University Electoral Petition Tribunal and the High Court to overturn the results and quash the swearing in of Baziira respectively.

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  1. Like father, like son. If top leadership in the country is in power through dubious means, kids, especially boys watch carefully what their father do to replicate it in their own lives. We, who were born a generation before the current one behaved differently when young because our parents were strict, responsible and morally sound. As we grew older, we rebelled against the strict nature of our fathers’ rules, and that set in motion the disintegration of society. Nowadays, kids are cheats, dubious in behavior and hot tempered because their parents and leaders display the same behavioral traits.

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