IHK Speaks Out On Death Of TV Star, Nambazira

Independent medical facility, International Hospital Kampala (IHK) has released a statement defending its record following the death of former WBS TV star Nuliat Nambaziira that many put on carelessness at the facility.

Nambaziira, died early this month as a result of childbirth-related uncontrolled bleeding. She had undergone a cesarean birth a week earlier but later developed postnatal complications prompting a series of other surgeries.

“The hospital would like to state for the record that the highest professional standards were extended to Ms Nambaziira during the time she was admitted at IHK. she was discharged within three days as is the standard for   uncomplicated ceaserian birth,” the statement issued on Sunday reads in part.
IHK’s statement comes on the heels of a threat by the East African Sub-regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women (EASSI) which according to reports is considering legal action against the medical facility for possible negligence that could have resulted in the death of Nambaziira.

Sheila Kawamara Mishambi, the executive director of EASSI says that Nambaziira’s case was mismanaged, and they intend to hold all involved parties liable for her death.

“We’re planning to sue whoever is responsible. If its the hospital, let the hospital be sued if people can be willing to tell us where the problem was. If they can be willing to testify in court, then we organise them. That is the protest. We’re planning if need be, to sue the governments that have failed to protect the lives of mothers because this is paramount. In case a mother dies, there’s someone responsible, let it not just be a recorded statement that a woman died.” Kawamara said.

Nambaziira was the communications and networking officer at EASSI at the time of her death.

IHK reveals that the former TV star was attended to by some of its best including; Gynaecologists, intensivists and a Urologist at the time of her readmission and that a report was submitted to the ministry of health regarding the incident.

4 thoughts on “IHK Speaks Out On Death Of TV Star, Nambazira

  1. O.K, then let IHK explain what exactly happened, what caused her death and why the THREE operation and the Roumnered Towel in her Stomach! How can a Proffesional leave a Towel in some one’s stomach and go ahead to Stich the person with the Cloth inside her body!

    1. do you think someone can leave a towel in the stomach, before you bring uninformed arguments first get the medical language, that towel is always used on some one who is bleeding so much and it was put on her after she had comeback after 5 days of discharge, who knows what she did after discharge and any other treatment she received after discharge. some people take local herbs other than what has been prescribed by the doctors which cause problems to them and they put it on the hospital.

      1. I have no kind words for doctors. so called respected medics have maimed so many people. The problem Ugandan medics lack both skills and supervision.

      2. From personal experience, I am deeply disappointed by the lack of both supervision and skills by Uganda medics. They are careless and self important

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