Magara Murder Probe: Police Recover Vehicles

Police have recovered properties believed to have been bought using the money paid out as ransom to the kidnappers of the late, Susan Magara. The recovered items include two passenger service vans, a tipper, two double cabins and tittles to more than 40 acres of land.

The properties that were recovered between February 25th and May 1st, 2018 are alleged to have been bought using the Shillings 700 million ransom paid by Magara’s family three days before her body was found. Among the recovered items is a title of a chunk of land measuring 35 acres that the suspects bought in Buikwe District at Shillings 140 million.

While the two taxis under the UBD series cost the suspects Shillings 55 million each. The two vehicles were found parked outside Usafi Mosque during the security raid on Friday night last week where 112 people were rescued. The vehicles were driven from Usafi mosque by the police Flying Squad Unit operatives and are currently parked at the Kampala Central Police Station yard.

According to a reliable police source, it was the search of these vehicles and properties that led police to Usafi mosque where two security guards were shot dead before children and women were rescued. “One of the suspects told us in his confession that they used the money they got to buy things including the taxis which they put under management of a friend,” the source said.

Adding that, “Our people were trailing this guy who had the motor vehicles when he ran and hid in Usafi.” Police has requested Uganda Revenue Authority to avail the registrations details of the motor vehicles and has since begun recording statements from different bonds where the vehicles were bought.

Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima refused to comment on the recovered property saying, “We shall give a report on the investigation when the time is right.” So far, more than 12 suspects have been arrested in connection to the kidnap and killing of Susan Magara. Eight of the suspects are believed to be accessories and accomplices to the crime while four are believed to have committed the crime.

Two of the key suspects have since confessed to the kidnap and murder. They have also helped police to deconstruct the different stages of the crime. Police together with the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence have been investigating the kidnap and Killing of Magara since she was reported missing.


5 thoughts on “Magara Murder Probe: Police Recover Vehicles

  1. Could Police be trying to show that they are working hard, if i remember well, it now appears the KILLERS are more that 20, or how many were they!

  2. At least there seems to be some sense in this investigation compared to late Felix Kawesi (RIP) investigation.

  3. Police is doing a good job. These thugs should be brought to book for such a satanic deed. Bravo affande Ochola, you have started well as a professional!

  4. Police should be truthful with sincerity and freedom without interference from any body that can disturb their investigation. so I caution and beg Ugandan to be patient and Wait for the judgement day since the Police are in lines of CRIMES and SECURITY issues in the country.

  5. If our security agencies are very determined to bring the murderers of magara to book because they update the masses on their developments which appreciate But could they also bring and update the !masses on the killers of kaweesi or security agencies are more concerned on magara’s killers to kaweesi killers

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