Obote’s Son Pulls Out of UPC Primaries

Bishop Edward Stanley Engena-Maitum, the son to Former President, the late Milton Obote has pulled out of the Uganda People’s Congress-UPC party primaries ahead of Apac municipality elections.

Maitum, who failed to show up at the elections on Tuesday afternoon in Apac Municipality, accuses the party’s electoral commission for the mismanagement of the process saying that there is no credibility, transparency and objectivity.

“UPC’s electoral body’s management of this process has not been credible, transparent or objective,” Maitum says.

Maitum says he will be forced to contest as an independent candidate for the Apac municipality.

Apac district UPC chairperson Julu Ojok when contacted says they haven’t received any official communication from Maitum and still consider him among the three contestants for the flag bearer.

“We have not received any communication in any form declaring his intentions of stepping down from the party primary elections and that is why we still have him on our ballots,” Ojok says.

Lango region UPC spokesperson Moses New says Maitum is free to contest on any ticket so long he writes to the secretariat declaring his position.

“It is his constitutional right to decide which party to affiliate with, but if he wants to contest on an independent ticket, he will have to right to us declaring his position”, New says.

The two other party flag bearer hopefuls are Patrick Ocan the director of divine schools in Apac town and Jacob Otim a lecturer at Kyambogo University.

The nominations for the newly created sub counties and town councils, municipalities and districts is scheduled for the 4th and 5th of June while the elections shall be held on June 17th.

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