Can Ministry of Bugisu be solution?

Bugisu (Mbale) Sub Region Could do Better to solve various problems as a result of short sighted people; if government designated a Ministry in charge of Bugisu Region to bring in a new era but as long as the right people are put in responsible positions to influence needed transformation without fear or favor.
Many key sectors and departments within Mbale regions continue to fail as most Bamasaaba have no concerted efforts to act.
We have Ministries for Teso, Karamoja, Bunyoro, Northern Uganda and Luwero.
From hindsight, Bugisu is apparently appended In The Luwero Triangle And Also under Northern Uganda. Bugisu Deserves this Ministry.
We are infiltrated due to (some) selfish leaders in the forefront who only seek personal interests.
If we carefully watch the MWAMBU/ WANALE/MUBUYA differences, we will realize how urgent the Ministry will be important to work hand in hand with INZU Ya Masaaba.
Enough research has been done and the need for back up support to begin pushing this via such a forum to share ideas and push this so that we can see the fruits.
In my thinking, Bugisu Region Could do Better if the President designated a Ministry in charge of Bugisu Region to boost Government efforts and the present INZU Ya Masaaba Cultural Institution.
Why do we have Teso, Karamoja, Bunyoro, Northern Uganda And Luwero Where Bugisu Is Apparently Appended in The Luwero Triangle And Also Under Northern Uganda.
Bugisu Deserves It and I wish to call upon a collaborating team of focused Bagisu so that we can begin pushing this seriously. I can also help in the initial technical preparation to manage this Ministry to take root and a Project Proposal to this effect can be developed with other likeminded members to make this dream a reality
In view of the increasing need to draw government into the wellbeing of its people, it is valid to bring out the possibility of lobbying to acquire a Ministry for Masaabaland (Bugisu) Affairs.
My observation is that the existing Ministries of Karamoja, Northern Uganda, Luwero and Teso to be created soon were created due to circumstances that are not far from what exists in Masaaba/ Bugisu land.
These are:
1.            Effects of the Armed struggles created by our political History.
2.            Civil unrest and strife due to past political instability
3.            Frequent emergency situations arising from Natural and man made calamities and;
4.            The need for government to have greater control and regulation over resources that flow to the region.
Some parts of Masaaba land are benefiting from the Luweero Triangle and the Northern Uganda Ministries. Therefore given the geographical distances and the desire to create a more effective response and management of Policies, programs and Projects for the people in Masaaba land, there is need to lobby government and justify the creation of Ministry for Masaaba Affairs.
I want to appeal to the leaders of Bugisu at all levels to kindly, as one of the cherished Avenues through which Bamasaaba may enjoy their co-existance with the Government of Uganda to consider echoing this idea to His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda.
Proposed Creation of  Ministry for Masaaba (Bugisu) Affairs
Creation of new Administrative Units in Uganda government is a growing phenomenon because of the increasing Socio-Economic, Cultural and Political development being registered year after year due to:
1.            Prevailing good governance.
2.            Positive and conducive legal and policy regime that is favouring growth and development of
              our economy and ;
3.            The system need to meet the increasing demands for goods and services for the people of
               Uganda in all regions.
The Constitutional provision for the creation of regional tiers notwithstanding, we could invoke,
a)            The Provisions of the Equal opportunities commission.
b)            Mandate given to Districts through Local Councils V.
c)            The able leadership of the legislature and Executive arms of our government and;
d)            Explore the kind ear of the Presidency for its people in Eastern region.
Normal and Comparative Need
The Regions of Luwero, Karamoja, Northern Uganda and now Teso region  have Ministries and the People of Masaabaland  may not be an exception given that the circumstances that led to the creation of Ministries in The North, Karamoja, Luwero and now Teso region are not very much different from existing conditions in Masaaba Land.
It is the Ministry for Masaaba Affairs that may bring our people closer to work for the betterment of our region and appeal to the many NGO’s and other International and regional Agencies to support development of the Region.
Action Framework
It is proposed that the idea is summarised in a Project proposal designed by representatives from all the Districts of Eastern rgion or Masaaba land wheichever will be appropriate.
We may also have some study tours to the Teso, Luwero, Karamoja and Northern Uganda to draw lessons from them.
Appropriate procedures are initiated by relevant and authorised institutions and individuals to justify the creation of Ministry for Masaaba/ Bugisu Affairs.
Above all a team of Lawyers and Development workers could initially be engaged to support initiatives by a voluntary team constituted from the concerned Districts for the purpose of making a standard proposal that will be acceptable.
Looking forward to the creation of Ministry for Masaaba/ Bugisu Affairs.
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