Get Saved,Love Brian Masole, Fans Ask Irene Namubiru Pictures Goes Viral

Hundreds of fans have asked Singer Irene Namubiru to love Brian Masole of KIU who saved her from Lake Victoria when a boat capsized at the weekend. Others want her to get saved.
A shy Irene Namubiru took pictures with Brian Masole and wrote praising the young man.
Frank Nsekanabo said “But he is very handsome man with a Golden heart indeed and he is a responsible man as he already proved it to you, now this is my suggestion why don’t you let him take control of your life as a good husband and make a good Family with him??, i feel its like God’s plan.
Think about it my Diva”.

Irene Namubiru said Here is MASOLE BRIAN a student at KIU who saved my life AND MANY others’. He went back to the lake 3 times until there were no other people alive.

“Brian and other fellow students had hired their boat to go have fun on the near by Islands. When they heard and saw our boat capsizing, he quickly took his friends ashore and cane to rescue us”.

He heard my distress calls for help as i saw other boats passing us by, saw the light of my phone that I kept waving up and came right to me. He asked me for the phone, bag and then pulled me in. Then he tried to pull the lady who came grabbing on my hand and life jacket almost drowning me. I managed to bring her up to the boat but she died right there as part of her life jacket got stuck under the boat and she was to heavy. That was Mrs. BISASE owner of the boat. I left my phone with BRIAN which he used to save others and went straight to resuscitate a one SHYLLA NANKUNDA who must have died on the boat.

I Thank you Brian, The fishermen , the locals and all those who with whom we were trying to save others. It’s unfortunate that One fisherman died so others could live. May he R.I.P.
On that very night Brian communicated with my people found who I was, assured them that I was alive and safe. At 03h30 he was at my house with my manager just to make sure. .

Yesterday, Monday 26th 2018, Brian came home, brought back my shoes and phone! .

We took this photo.
You are my hero.
And again, To God be the Glory.!

Irene Namubiru posted this on night she was rescued by Brian Masole.

“I would like to thank all of you who have reached out to me, Thank you for the Thoughts, Concern, Care and Beautiful messages! By GOD’S GRACE I am still Alive ,Safe, and getting medical attention but still so traumatized. My deepest thoughts to our comrades who didn’t make it and condolences to the bereaved families. What can I say? The DEVIL and his ACCOMPLICES are not winning. GOD IS JUST NOT DONE WITH ME YET, but he is for sure trying to make me understand something”.

Barbara Ngobi Debie Wooow Irene,I would miss you so much!!!
God gave u back your life…could you pliz give it back to him by using your God given talent to exalt Him.

You know how many times He has seen you thru but at least socially,we only know two times.
1st,from death row (kalabba)
2nd,the boat cruise tragedy..
Bravo have a soldier’s heart.

Daphine Leeser Some of you people are so heartless here!! With all your nasty comments!! Wanna Irene God bless him. God is indeed very faithful. Praise him endlessly

Kamuganga Sarah Bryan, Bryan my brother, thank you so much. You have always been good to those who know you and now to those that don’t. Only those that know you, know what you mean to the world. Am not shocked the you did this heroic move. God bless you, bless you and bless you so much. Am so lucky to have a brother like you.🙏🙏🙏


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