Kampala’s Silent Heroes- KCCA Ambulance Staff

7 Ambulances pick expectant mothers around Kampala Capital City during day and night.

At Kawempe- Mulago Hospital , these ambulances enter and go out from monday to sunday helping mothers.

Jennifer who was half dead reached at  Kawempe General Referral Hospital built between 2014 and 2016 at an estimated cost of US$11.3 million (about UGX:40.6 billion) only to be helped by ambulance attendants.

They provided a stretcher from the ambulance, straight to the lift and took her to the Intensive Care Unit.

Jennifer says ” If these guys were not available for me, i would be dead because it was difficult to move up by my self”.

Being a first responder isn’t easy. It can be stressful and full of life-altering responsibilities.

Beyond the satisfaction and fulfillment of helping people, there are countless paramedic success stories that are never reported on everyday.

The beauty of these ambulance  stories is that they are simply the stories of ordinary people who chose to follow an extraordinary calling.

One of the drivers said its my job to respond whenever a call is given. We drive in the outskirts to pick mothers. Sometimes youre  just enjoying a quick lunch when  a life-threatening situation comes up.

I abandon my food and rush through the traffic jam until i pick up the patient. Immediately i rush into action, leaving  lunch on the table.


We go above and beyond our work and rarely there is no opportunity for true recognition of our services. Sometimes you’re driving home when you notice a car on the side of the road, its driver un-moving only to find someone with a heart attack.

It is by no means an easy job, but it is one that contains immense reward personally.

Hon Elias Lukwago, Lord Mayor Kampala says he is passionate about paved roads so that ambulances can respond so fast to emergencies.

Lukwago’s words were echoed by Elvis Kintu, the Personal Assistant. Kintu says they are constrained by funding but wish to do much more.

Kintu says recognizing the efforts of ambulance staff is a great gesture. He implores them to work hard as council budgets for them.

When you meet these people encourage them for they work hard.

KCCA ambulances attached to our health centers.

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