Mv Kalangala Fails To Pull Capsized Boat, Mission Aborted

Efforts to remove capsized boat has again failed after Mv Kalangala ferry arrived loaded with a weak crane to lift the wreckage out of Lake Victoria.

Earlier, Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda said Government was bringing in MV Kalangala to pullout the wrecked boat.

“I want to pay tribute to Ugandan citizens especially those that were involved in rescuing lives”, Rugunda told Parliament.

Following yesterday’s failed attempt to pull the boat wreckage out of the Lake, today Uganda Police Construction Unit has brought it’s heavy machinery to help find a way out.

The machinery failed amidst drama of destroying people’s crops.

Government of Uganda is trying everything at Mutima beach on Lake Victoria to help in removing the wreckage of the capsized boat.

In Parliament, tempers were high as MPs wondered why ropes were used to pull the wreckage of the boat.

Kampala MP Muhammad Nsereko attacked government for letting a civilian Brian Whiteman to command soldiers on the lake.

” We need a proper command and use professionals to do the job”.

Most people have criticized government for embarrassing the country.

MV Kalangala is the last hope as efforts to pull capsized boat fade.

Day 4 ends with no progress, mission to retrieve the boat by a crane mounted on MV Kalangala aborted , officials said the crane was weak to carry the load



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