Norbert Mao Averts Shame on Joint Opposition Candidate

The Democratic Party maintains that DP’s candidate Hasibu Deo Njoki in the Busia LC V race is still valid and stands.

This has come after widespread information from various print and social media indicating that Hasibu Deo Njoki has withdrawn in the race in substitute to President Museveni’s nomination for Deo to the UgandaHuman Rights Commission.

In a weekly press conference which is held this morning at City House the DP’s headquarters, Hon Norbert Mao the President General to DP reinstated that President M7’s nomination just two days after Deo’s nomination was not in good intention and it’s timing was meant to undermine the opposition and to score an own goal to the opposition fraternity.

Hon Mao informed the public that he is in close contact with Hon Patrick Amuriat, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Hon Asumani Basalirwa and all democratic seeking forces who have pledged support to Del Njoki in this campaign.

Chairman Deo regretted that much as its important to serve at the Human Rights body which he has vast knowledge, but he has chose to serve the people of Busia.

Hon Florence Namayanja the campaign manager for Chairman Deo’s campaign in Busia called upon all members of the democratic seeking forces to join Deo in his campaign starting today

Yesterday, Anger and betrayal had welcomed the decision by Veteran Politician Deo Njoki to join the government of President Yoweri Museveni at critical moment.

Deo Hasubi Njuki who was a fovourate candidate to win was nominated  for the Busia LCV by election on 6th November.

On 10th May 2018 DP’s Deo Njoki had won the the Busia district chairperson election petition filed against NRM’s candidate. Democratic Party had thanked lead counsel Muyizzi Sam and the all support team from Alaka advocates and the DP fraternity led by Hon Norbert Mao together with the entire opposition.

Winning the election petition had fired up Democratic Party and they declared Busia district here we come.

NRM supporters had declared support to Deo Njuki which threatened the NRM planners to move very fast.


Njoki ‘s camp was supported by Uganda Young Democrats and people power.

President General of Dp  Nobert Mao said  Museveni was promoting discrimination in the country as regards government  Jobs in Army ,police  and other agencies.

President Yoweri Museveni didnt disappoint , he appointed Mao’s man Deo Hasubi Njoki to the Human Rights Commission.

The DP candidate for Busia District LC V Chairperson immediately accepted the job has accordingly withdrawn from the race after nomination.

FDC’s Ronald Muhinda said “This is the danger of fielding joint opposition candidate. Therefore NRM Junta wins Busia”.

Some fighters in FDC opposed the idea of not fielding a candidate but the Party bureaucrats defied.

DP mutumenya! This is not how unity and cooperation works. Njoki has betrayed us. You have really stung us

Congratulations Junta, Muhinda wrote.

Since 1986, President Yoweri Museveni has fished DP supporters to work in his government. The Opposition is bitter.

“DP is the main proponent of joint candidates. You don’t support their candidate, the propaganda against you is unbearable.Eventually they got a candidate and see what the Joint candidate has has reportedly done: betrayal!

This is really very absurd, if true. How shall we keep cooperating like these?”.

Different opinions have been expressed at this move which Opposition calls betrayal at last minute

This is Unbelievable but true,DP’s Njoki withdraws from Busia LC5 By-election after being fronted as a joint candidate for the Opposition. NRM goes Unopposed. Sad

I told you people, if you have money .u can buy everything. Now see that #Njuki !! He has disappointed you alot

Wen we try to do it our way we are reffered to as selfish

A journalist wrote Museveni has again beaten DP as its candidate for Busia district decides to accept an appointment as member of the Uganda Human Rights Commision. In a letter to DP secretary General Gerald Blacks Siranda Njoki says he was nominated last week on the 8th and that he prefers to serve at the commission.

Another person has been recruited to the NRM


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