Police Arrests Magogo’s Challenger For Case Committed Almost 2 years Ago

Daniel Walusimbi was arrested for unlawful assembly at Fufa house on 5th April 2017 after one year and half.

Daniel Walusimbi and George Ssimwogerere were remanded to Luzira Prison on March 15th   2017 after storming FUFA offices in Mengo with a group of former footballers with the intention of taking over the administration.

They were charged on counts of trespass and malicious damage and given bail on 4th April 2017.

Ssemwogerere and Walusimbi upon release however vowed to continue their crusade on what they called justice and demanded that former footballers be given the mandate to run football in the country.

They stormed FUFA house again on 5th April 2017 a day after their release.

While the duo continued appearing due in Mwanga II Court, they didnt know Magogo’s group are not sleeping.

Walusimbi said he is paying a price in order to have the beautiful game of soccer be run by right people.

“Today immediately after court hearing about our case that took us to luzira with captain George Ssimwogerere, I was again arrested and brought before another magistrate charging me for unlawful assembly at FUFA house on 5th April 2017”.

Walusimbi said “I’m here in custody waiting to see if I can be granted bail. I can’t stop laughing that it took police more than one year and half to charge me with unlawful assembly when I was in their custody on that day when the police man shot himself at Fufa house”.

It’s so disgusting that I saw the one so called Humphrey Mandu W the scoreline Investment Ltd deputy CEO to Edgar Watson coming as a witness.

But I thank God for the passion and Strength he has given me to endure this impunity. Thank you my people for standing with the truth and the game.

This is the price we have to pay to save our game. I can assure you that actually we are more strong than ever and these are the things that motivates us to fight even more for our game.

Me as your Fufa president I have embraced everything that come my way all in the name of saving our beautiful game.

I’m very certain that all this will come to pass and football will eventually win. Not until I see that day come to pass we shall not rest. Soon you will be officially hearing from me. God bless Daniel Walusimbi FUFA President

Magistrate Ester Nyadoi then granted them bail at a fee of sh500,000 each while the sureties Dan Mubiru, Godfrey Kwizera, Daniel Muwanguzi and Jimmy Sekandi were told to pay sh2m (not cash).

They reject the FUFA administration led by Moses Magogo as illegitimate especially having been granted a trustees certificate for the land on which the FUFA headquarters are situated by the Ministry of Lands.

They also claim that National Council of Sports handed the practicing certificate to the wrong group; FUFA Ltd led by Magogo.

However, Moses Magogo has led Uganda Cranes to post strides at the African Continent.


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