Why Nandala Mafabi Bounced Back Unopposed Bugisu Cooperative Union?

Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU) has become one of the most competitive organisation as NRM and FDC political parties prove their might.

Hon. Nandala Mafabi bounced back as The Chairman after his challenger stepped down.

Nandala, who is also the MP Budadiri West and FDC Secretary General, was declared unopposed by the Commissioner of Cooperatives, Joseph Kitandwe this afternoon during the Annual General Meeting held at BCU Coffee factory in Dokho, Mbale.

Nandala Mafabi was nominated by Micheal Kiganga, a delegate from Bunakikonde GCS and seconded by Magomu Moses, a delegate from Busita GCS.

The Manafwa district LCV Chairman, John Musila also retained his positions as BCU vice Chairperson. Just like Nandala, Musila also sailed through unopposed.

The people of Bugisu are so awake,they know government first intention was to kill Uganda’s strong cooperative movement.

Cooperative unions improve household incomes and museveni’s main object is to rule over poor people that can easily play on his whims.

Bugisu cooperative Union is the only surviving traditional cooperative Union, and the NRM is fighting people like Nandala mafabi to take advantage of the Union resources and the clout that comes with management of farmers’ Union.
Special thanks to the people of Bugisu because they truly know who their real enemy is.

The people of Bugisu have rejected blackmail and continued to let their light shine through entrusting their son with Bugisu Cooperative Union! – Congs Hon. Nathan Nandala-Mafabi for going through Unopposed as BCUChairman Board of Directors.
CONGS HON NANDALA MAFABI!, Dr Kiizza Besigye wrote, 

Mr Museveni and his NRM Mafia regime have done everything in their power to destroy the only surviving Coffee Farmers Union in Uganda- Bugisu Cooperative Union (BCU).

First, every effort was made to stop Hon. Nandala Mafabi from being elected to lead the farmers’ Union but it all came to zero. Hon. Nandala was overwhelmingly elected the Chairman of BCU.

Hon. Nandala Mafabi‘s Board was able to quickly turn the BCU and farmers’ fortunes. The whole region was, once again, enjoying an economic boom; thanks to the rejuvenated BCU.

After realising that BCU was performing very well and that farmers were getting economically empowered, Mr Museveni ordered the forceful invasion and takeover of BCU by government.

This was a “Military Coup”, just like the office of the Lord Mayor of Kampala was invaded and taken over. Government purported to be investigating BCUbut in reality, they have plundered the Union and brought it to its knees.

The farmers of Bugisu have today reaffirmed their confidence in Hon.Nandala Mafabi and elected him UNOPPOSED as their Chairman again. This is a clear demonstration against Mr Museveni’s rogue regime.

Hon. Nandala has the unenviable task of rebuilding BCU from the remains of the NRM plunder. He must immediately establish a strong security system to guard the BCU properties. NRM mafia are like night-dancers; they’ll try to sabotage BCU in all ways. Guard and insure all properties against Fire and other likely risks.

I have every confidence that Hon Nandala Mafabi will bring BCU back to its glory because he’s diligent and has all the farmers solidly behind him.


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