Will West Nile Transport be Affected by Burning of KK Bus?

West Nile Transport: KK Bus Incident Scares Many


In Arua on the night of 16th/November at around 10pm, a bus belonging to KK coaches coming from Koboko to Kampala knocked a person dead in Enzeva area, Arivu Sub County, Arua district.

As the Driver and turn man fled off from the scene, the conductor was badly beaten by the angry locals who set the bus on fire.

Occupants of the said bus escaped without any injuries.

The police rushed at the scene making more detailed inquiries in to the matter and updates will continue, according to Police.

However, Most West Nilers think anger was very much.

This is not heart for developing west Nile region, you can’t burnt a bus like this just because it knocked one person dead but let me assures you tomorrow the same company’s bus will carry you all along from your place to Kampala or anywhere part of Uganda.Anyway God bless those who lost their lives

David Rupiny a Senior Journalist from West Nile said,

“As humanity, and especially as WestNilers, we must stop such barbarism!West Nile is a marginalised region and we do so much to get so little headway. Our transport system is still weak. So to see some hoodlums in Enzeva take the law into their own hands and torch a bus is despicable! The long arm of the law must get them wherever they are”.

On 16th, the first information sent shock waves, The lastest information reaching us shows that, one of the KKT Bus that was coming from Koboko to Kampala has been put at blaze by locals around the Madi Okollo, west nile.

The locals set the bus on fire after the bus was involved in an accident that claimed the life of one of their local Council Chairman, the bus driver and Turn Man fled off in fear for their lives leaving the bus and passengers all to the locals, and what these locals did was to put the bus on fire after forcefully removing the passengers that were on board.

As we post this, the bus is right now burning helplessly and the passengers watch on.

What Next? The Police has promised a comprehensive report but meanwhile drivers should be careful.

A few months ago Kampala Residents burnt a Toyota Prado after its driver used a machete on a taxi driver.

Drivers should be considerate while driving to avoid mob justice.

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