2 Yrs Land Probe Commission: Landmark Hearings Expose Abuse, Violence, Injustice

On 8th December 2016, President Yoweri Museveni signed a legal notice appointing a Judicial Commission, the second of its kind in Uganda’s history. It took six months to start hearings.

This commission headed by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire is historic because the last time there was such a commission was in 1924-27 appointed by Governor Mitchell, President Yoweri Museveni said.

Museveni has instituted this commission of inquiry into the mismanagement of land in the country. Wherever he went the public was crying about injustices and killings related to land.

“Justice Catherine Bamugemereire will head the commission that I appointed following numerous land-related complaints from wanainchi”.

While addressing journalists this afternoon, the commission chairperson Justice Catherine Bamugemereire said if courts continue to issue eviction orders in a wanton manner the country could be plunged into a land crisis

The Justice Catherine Bamugemereire commission of inquiry into land administration and Mismanagement  began  its hearings 6 months after on 23/ May/2017.

Redepepper will review the land mark hearings that have shaken the mighty in Uganda. These hearings have exposed years of abuse, violence and injustice.

Respected Public figures have not been spared at all. Hearings have been held across Uganda, proving to be painful, moving spectacles, with gripping and often blood-boiling testimony.

Some critics of the Land Probe Commission site lack of action and failure to bite.

Recently ,Justice Catherine Bamugemereire called for a stern action against a racket of mafias in Uganda’s judicial system. She says her team has encountered a rising number of orders and judgments entered by judicial officers which have led to eviction of thousands of bibanja holders.

The land grabbers and their agents are not remorseful at all,  real justice ought to have been meted out, no matter how politically divisive it may  be.

The Land probe commission has become a  darling of many people, legal policy makers in Uganda and  international community.

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