Corruption: Rt Hon Kadaga Investigate MPs Who Never Bought Shs 200 Cars

Duncan Abigaba, the Deputy Manager of Government Citizen Interaction Centre says the Speaker of Parliament should help Ugandans and investigate her MPs over the shs 200 millions paid to buy cars.

“I don’t want to sound insensitive but I think those who are given taxpayers’ money to buy cars for their work should do so”.

An MP died in an accident last year in a taxi. Another just got an accident in a small audi.

“Why shouldn’t the Speaker of Parliament check this blatant corruption? Why should someone receive 200M of taxpayers’ money and buy a car of 30M? Quick recovery, Hon. James Kakooza!”.

Ronald Muhinda of FDC says Kakooza, the last time I checked, he was driving a white Landcruiser that could be over 300M. May be he had hired it.

Mulindwa Isah I wish that money was put in our hospitals

Turyahebwa Brazil Am sorry to ask this : if one is using expensive car does it make him immune from getting an accident? Because last time Hon Rose namayanja was almost getting dead in a V8 along matuga area.

Duncan Abigaba Do you think she would be alive if she were in a Premio ?

Gracious Blair but I think it doesn’t matter which type of car ure driving. still an accident can happen.

Duncan Abigaba Gracious Blair, you need to experiment. Knock a wall with a Premio and a V8. You’ll get your answer.

Each Member of Parliament was paid Shs200m by the Parliamentary Commission to buy a car.

Parliament spent Shs85 billion on the 427 legislators, without considering those recently elected from the new districts.

“But the Commission had wanted government to buy each MP a car and provide them with a driver plus all maintenance so that the car remains Parliament property,”

Cissy Kagaba , Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda executive director, abuse of tax payers’ money is much.

“Who actually monitors whether these guys actually buy cars worth that much?” Ms Kagaba said.
She added that the money could be a move to help the legislators offset debts they amassed during the campaign period.

There has been public backlash towards MPs receiving money to buy vehicles, with many saying the legislators should be able to buy their own cars off their salaries.


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