DP “Boycotts” Inter Part Organisation Dialogue Summit Over Busia

The Democratic Party is considering boycotting the forthcoming Inter Party Organisation Dialogue (IPOD) summit which is slated to be held at Resort Beach Hotel in Munyonyo on December 12th 2018.

This has come after realizing that NRM is not willing to promote multi party democracy and fostering rule of law in Uganda.

John Kakande, the Dempcratic Party Spokesman said this today in their weekly Press Conference.

This was highly manifested in the recent Busia district by-election where NRM connived with the Electoral Commission to frustrate the DP candidate in the race and further paid off the remaining candidate from the race thereby declaring NRM leaning Independent candidate unopposed and swore him to the district office despite court interim order to halt the gazette and swearing in ceremony.

Democratic Party lawyers led by Hon Yusuf Mutembuli, the DP Vice President Eastern region had secured a court interim order restricting the EC from swearing in the newly declared Busia district chairman and gazetting his name.

However, government defied the court order.

NRM is accused of  influencing the  Gazetting of Busia LCV coup beneficiary at night and CAO Busia telling team on the ground that state house is coming to ensure the guy is sworn. This was in total disregard of  interim order. DP IS now considering private prosecution NRM officials, the candidates who received bribes along side challenging the gazette.

Today’s decision as taken by the EC under Article 61 (1) (f) of our constitution wherein the electoral body is mandated to hear and determine complaints arising before and during electoral process. Such decisions are not final in their nature. The framers of our constitution envisaged situations where the commission would reach irrational,baseless and unfounded decisions just like it has done as regards Deo Njoki candidature.

In providing possible forums of remedying there was enacted Article 64(1) providing appeals from decisions of EC. Errors of state organs can’t be visited on an innocent citizen.

However dilatory the commission has acted in this matter we are determined to take to another level. This is above Deo Njoki as a person but rather runs to the very wishes and aspirations of Busia people and foundations upon which state institutions ought to run,Serius Brian Personal counsel to Deo Njoki said in a statement.


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