FDC Feeling Pressure To Explain Themselves To Ugandans Why Skipping IPOD Summit

FDC has reshared a letter written on 5th December 2018 when they pronounced that they would not attend the IPOD Summit.

While Ugandans are supporting the summit, FDC has failed to find convincing reasons for failing to attend the summit.

When you decide not to attend a meeting, its good to keep quite. They have explained many times yet everyone is asking them to attend.


I acknowledge with thanks, receipt of your letter dated 9th November 2018 that we received on 26th November 2018, inviting the Party President for the above activity on 12th December 2018. As you are aware, FDC signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) as an IPOD participating member and remains committed to dialogue. Following internal party discussions in respect of the subject matter, we wish to observe the following:

1. The four thematic areas to define the agenda for the period 2019-2021 need thorough discussion within participating parties and the IPOD council prior to the summit. It is therefore our considered view that there is inadequate time for us to discuss and agree on the four thematic areas stated in your letter, before the meeting of 12th December, 2018. As FDC, we believe in a Summit that should ratify the decisions from the different Political Parties, but not one that will spend time in detailed discussions which should be the role of the various party institutions and the IPOD Council.

2. Some of the thematic areas cited like Enacting Constitutional and Electoral Reforms were previously discussed and agreed upon in the Uganda Citizens’ Compact on Free and Fair and Elections but have since not been implemented by the ruling NRM Government.
We therefore wonder what has changed to guaranteed future compliance to resolution(s) of IPOD.

3. We are troubled by the current hostile political environment across the Country especially towards us that does not offer a conducive environment for FDC to actively participate in the Summit. Abuse of Human Rights, Stopping of the FDC party activities (e.g. Kasese tour, Rukungiri thanksgiving and Memorial service and Mbarara welcome and mobilization rally) and the tormenting of our leaders by the relevant authorities are some of the issues that need to be put to order without any further delay. This in our view does not require any discussion to sort out.

In view of the above concerns therefore, as one of the Political Parties in IPOD, we wish to inform you that we will not be participating in the IPOD Summit/National Conference scheduled to take place on 12th December 2018, as we believe it will not achieve its purpose.
We will be available to dialogue if our concerns are addressed.

I thank you,

Patrick Oboi Amuriat
December 5th 2018

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