Immigration Moves To Salvage Image At Entebbe Airport

Every Ugandan has a duty Under Article 17 of our Constitution to contribute to running of affairs of our Country. On Monday morning, Amos Wekesa, a tourism enthusiast, shared his bad experience at Entebbe International Airport. Directorate of Immigration picked up the matter and acted swiftly. It is our duty to report a wrong wherever we see it. If you can’t find the responsible agency, blackmail them through your social media handles like Mr. Wekesa did, they will notice and act. It all starts with us. You also have an option of 900 toll free on all networks. Your concerns will be taken care of.  #OpenGovernment #Accountability #OurTaxes by Duncan Abigaba

Ugandans woke up to a post byAmos Wekesa a tourism sector investor complaining about behavior of immigration officers at Entebbe airport.


Out of 22 counters only one was working, at night Entebbe airport is in rock down mode.

Ugandans were angry, they share experience about attitude of workers who are the face of Uganda.

Uganda is investing in attract visitors but how do we treat them on arrival.

  1. Duncan Abigaba thinks it was to expose such a bad vice.

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