IPOD Summit Great Opportunity For Uganda

IPOD Summit Great Opportunity For Uganda

Elizabeth Lwanga, the team leader of Women’s Situation Room Uganda post elections peace initiative has welcomed the first summit of political parties in Uganda.

The Inter party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) is set to hold its first summit scheduled for 12th December 2018 at Speke Resort Hotel, Munyonyo.

Mrs Elizabeth Lwanga said she is very happy that Uganda’s political leaders are coming together in a forum that will help them reflect on their roles in guiding the Nation.

“I think the lack of leaders coming together and looking at the nations needs, problems, opportunities and future is responsible for the difficulties we see”.

Lwanga says leadership is to serve people despite being elected through different channels. Ugandans have elected a system that should be a able to help them work together.

“If political parties can’t have a forum to chart a vision for Uganda, we wouldn’t move together”.

Lwanga said there are lessons she learnt in the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections especially regarding promoting peace in elections and afterwards.

She said after the 2016 elections, Women Situational Room an African mechanism for elections engaged the top leadership of NRM and FDC where they agreed to have dialogue , look at their roles in addressing issues that affect elections.

“I’m happy with the IPOD summit , hoping that its outcomes will feed into the National Dialogue “. Elizabeth Lwanga said dialogue without politicians comes to nothing.

When leaders talk to their citizens, resolutions that come out are easily implemented by political leadership.

“It’s been our view and communication that the summit embraces all political parties and plans for a national dialogue”.

About Elizabeth Lwanga Elizabeth Lwanga has over 30 years experience in development work with national governments, non government organizations and the United Nations.

She served as Deputy Regional Director for Africa at the United Nations Development Programme; UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP representative in Sierra Leone , Swaziland, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Joined the UN in 1989 as UNDP Deputy Representative in the Gambia; then Manager of the UNDP Gender in Development Programme in Newyork . Elizabeth currently works as an Innovations in Development Advisor,

Leadership Development Consultant Executive Coach; and serves on Boards of the Nnabagereka Development Foundation, Women International Peace Centre and the Supervisory Council of HIVOS. Elizabeth is a wife, mother and grandmother.

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