Kadaga Rallies MPs, Public To Vote For Quiin Abenakyo Miss World 2018

Uganda’s Speaker , Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga has today asked Parliament and General public to support Uganda’s candidate at Miss World 2018.

“I have asked Hon Honorable Members(MPs) and the General Public to vote our own, a Ugandan beauty Quiin Abenakyo representing our country. I urge members to go on the website and vote for her.

#Quiin_ABENAKYO# needs to get to the TOP 3…. We have moved to #6th# position as other contending countries continue to front their candidates, so lets use every minute🕑 of the remaining 3 days voting…. #KEEP_VOTING https://missworld.com/#/vote
1: Nepal 34.25%
2: Mongolia 17.56%
3: Vietnam 6.95%
4: India 6.62%
5: Kazakhstan 4.49%
6: #Uganda# 3.68%
7: Thailand 3.57%
8: Mexico 2.63%
9: Bangladesh 2.58%
10: Philippines 1.95%
11: Mauritius 1.89%
12: Sri Lanka1.95%
13: Malaysia 1.81%
14: Indonesia 1.78%
16: Russia 1.73%
17: Myanmar 1.14%
18: France 1.02%
19: Trinidad & Tobago 0.92%


1. Open the link through any web browser (google, Chrome etc)

2. Register with your email and password don’t forget to accept terms.

3. You will receive a confirmation email, open your email and clink on the like to confirm you will be redirected to the official site.

4. Now log in and click see all.

5. Scroll down to Uganda and click on the candidate and then vote.

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