More Makerere Staff Were Sacked On Whatsapp, Nawangwe To Be Impeached

Makerere University Academic staff have woken up to more shocking news as some of their colleagues were chased used whatsapp messages.

Dont be hoodwinked that the 45 staff are the only ones, anyone who has tried to stand up and expose the dirt is summarily sacked.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Barnabas Nawangwe working with Bruce Balaba take pride in sacking any voice of reason. They have sacked others on whatsapp and they will come up to join in this struggle of reclaiming pride of Makerere University.

Why did Professor Barnabas Nawangwe refuse to invite a representative of staff to the first council. He is fixing issues with temporary measures that cant help him.

“We elected MUASA leaders in broad day light and we can re-elect them even today to prove that we serious people not his stooges”. The next University Council must have our representative or else we shall storm the meeting.

Makerere Staff think Prof Nawangwe needs to rethink about his decisions before they expose him. The Mafia behind him are known and will be fought tooth and nail.

Kyambogo University impeached its own Vice Chancellor after opening many battles.

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe must be told that he can be impeached and government wont help him. 

All staff with warning letters have been asked to make copies available so that they expose mafia in appointments board. The staff are asking parents and students to know that they are willing to give best but will first sort Prof Barnabas Nawangwe and Bruce Balaba until sanity is back.

They have sacked more staff that all Vice Chancellors combined in the many years. Makerere University is rewarding corruption, nepotism than excellency in academia.

Documents showing how Bruce Balaba has been appointing his tribes mate who dont qualify have been provided.

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