NRM Women Leaders Who Dumped Their Husbands, Nekesa , Babirye, Najjemba

Kampala’s top men politicians seem to be having an eye of the best female politicians and some have moved the talk leading to change of addresses.

It must be a painful experience for men seeing their children’s mum’s change bonking addresses.

In Most cases these couples have stayed for long or  for short periods, the unknown man snatches her.

The latest is former State Minister for Karamoja and now Ambassador to South Africa, Barbara Nekesa Oudo.B

“I sincerely want to extend my gratitude to my family, friends and relatives who graced our simple Nikkah ceremony.
May You all be rewarded by Almighty abundantly.
For more pictures visit my instagram page-barbaranekesa (user name Ariba)”

Among the top politicians who accompanied her include Asumani Kiyingi, Hajji Mbabali, Rose Namayanja and others.

Judith Babirye a reknown Gospel Singer and MP wedded a fellow MP amidst protests from former hubbies. 

Rose Najjemba a State Minister then explained why she crossed to Hajji Mbabali’s home. 

 Cases are increasing, especially in Kampala, in which married women with children are taken away from their homes by unknown men but later alone marry them or continue to chew quietly. 

A man of God gives advise below.

I want to make three points: One, rich politicians who want to marry women with university education should marry single women.

Many universities in Uganda today are producing women with degrees in their hundreds. Why look for married women, destroying their homes and causing untold suffering to children? Having political power which goes together with a lot of money does not mean destroying the people you are supposed to protect.

Two, the manipulation of political power does not pay because there shall come a day of judgement. King David seduced Uriah’s wife Bathsheba and made her pregnant.

With the connivance of his army commander, Joab, David had Uriah murdered. With Bathsheba safely in his palace and Uriah dead, David felt secure to enjoy himself because nobody his wicked saw his wicked deeds.

But God saw it and David was severely punished.

Politicians in Uganda who are thirsty for people’s wives will not get away with it.

Because we are all answerable to Almighty God who is the moral ruler of the world.

Three, I want to appeal to men and women who are living together without marriage certificates to legalize their relationships as soon as possible in order to gain dignity and honour in society and protect their marriages.

Rev Canon George Noel Enyagu Uganda Christian University Mukono

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