Police Sergent Officially Bonks UPDF Major, 7 Ranks Apart.

Ugandans have mixed reactions after a Uganda Police Force Sergeant conquered a Senior Military Officer of UPDF and Member of Parliament. 

Most asked who will salute the other one? Some said love walls are powerful to know ranks.

Gossip going around is that UPDF Officers not happy with one of theirs for failing to choose one of them.

Police Sgt Abok Robert yesterday wedded Hon. Maj. Susan Lakot UPDF representative in Parliament.

The ceremony took place in Pajule Pader District. Sgt Abok Robert currently works with United Nation Peace Keeping Mission in South Sudan on secondment by Uganda Police Force.

During the ceremony there was a combined parade by UPF and UPDF officers. It was such a wonderful ceremony that got the crowd entertained.

However, people wondered why Hon. Maj Susan Lakot failed to get one of the men in UPDF her Constituency.

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