President Museveni Attacks Are Diversionary-Kinkizi West MP Kaberuka

By Patson Baraire

Kinkizi West MP James Kaberuka has rubbished what President Yoweri Museveni talked about him describing him as a ‘little man” being diversionary talk about people who disagree with him.

Kaberuka said this in an exclusive interview with Redpepper at his home in Rwemisisi, Kihihi Town Council, Kanungu District.

Kinkizi West MP James Kaberuka speaking to Redpepper Publication at his home in Kihihi Town Council.

This comes after President Museveni while on a visit in Kanungu on Dec 21st 2018 where he commissioned the construction of Rukungiri-Kanungu road said that Kinkizi West had voted a ‘akasheija’ which literally is a local version of belittling a man from the position he holds saying that he does not agree with him but does his own things but hailed the Kinkizi East MP Chris Baryomunsi who is also the Minister of State for Housing and Kanungu Woman MP Elizabeth Karungi as people’s representatives who are agreeing with him.

This however received a lot of reaction from a cross section of voters in Kinkizi West and Kanungu at large saying that that the outbursts by President Museveni on Kaberuka were uncalled for because he is in Parliament simply because people/ voters in Kinkizi West wanted him out all those who contested with him.

Kaberuka however said that the President was becoming diversionary in what he was saying because his election was not sanctioned by President Museveni but the the voters in his constituency.

“President Museveni has no prerogative Mercy to belittle any elected Member of Parliament because the MP employers are the voters ” Kaberuka said.

He asked President Museveni to always use his intelligence apparatus and research more about MP and how their fair in their constituencies before uttering such remarks.

He however appreciated the President remarks saying that it has staked his name highly among the voters and the right thinking members of society for describing him what he is not , yet the people he represents know him better and still want him.

” I’m not bitter about what President Museveni said about me because people whom I represent their views in Parliament have never said I’m a little man an Museveni wanted people to believe” He said.

Kaberuka said that he should remember that MPs represent the views of the people / voters and whatever he utters on the floor of Parliament is not his own but people’s views.

He said that the attack on him by President Museveni emanates from the reminders he normally forwards to the President about the unfulfilled pledges he made to the people of Kinkizi West which is a social contract he is expected to fulfill and the 2017 Constitutional Amendment which the pepple of Kinkizi West specifically asked him to vote in favor of NO TOUCHING the Constitution.

“In my constituency, I have records that I consulted local representatives and out of 1900 people who turned up only 48 were in for the Constitution amendment and this is an empirical evidence showing the majority view” He explained.

He therefore said that if the differences between him and Mr Museveni is about social service delivery , he will continue asking him until some of them are achieved.

On the issue of unpaid tea nursery bed owners , Kaberuka said that it’s unfortunate that that the issue has turned into a political matter and the victims have abandoned their homes fearing arrest just because the government can not pay them.

Nursery Tea operators in Kanungu District are demanding over sh 55bn worth of tea seedlings supplied to tea farmers through Naads since 2015 which has not been paid but said that government must pay the farmers so that they can also pay their loans which are outstanding in various banks.

On the issue of the tarmacking Rukungiri -Kanungu Road , he said he is among the leaders who persistent demanded that it should be worked on since 2008 when he was still a sub county/ district councilor and he is happy efforts have become fruitful when he is an Area MP.

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