Road Network Improve Markets In Eastern Uganda- Ahamada Washaki

Ahamada Washaki , Resident District Commissioner Manafwa and Former LC3 Chairperson for Bungokho in Mbale says farmers in Eastern Uganda are reaping big from available markets due to good Road network in the Country.
A few years ago, farmers were complaining about the bad roads which were impassable. Most times trucks carrying food and cash crops would be on roads for several days.
Washaki says the road network has improved in the region which is helping farmers to access markets timely.

“Thanks to the NRM Government for fulfilling its Manifesto Commitment to the people of Uganda. When you visit Mbale Industrial area there is alot of human activity offloading and loading food and cash crops”

He said the youth should use this opportunity and improve their entrepreneurial skills so that they supply food to other regions.

Richard Bukuwa said he was puzzled to see maize bran being dried on a newly refurbished road! Check near former roundabout at ATM/Mukwano Industries.

“Let us not have another Mbale-Nakalama road that is used to dry cassava chips!”.

Leaders in Eastern Uganda have a duty to sensitize people so that they use the roads meaningfully.

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