2019 Beach Woodball World Cup kicks off in Uganda

Here is some really exciting news. The Beach Woodball World Cup 2019
kicked off on the 28th of May at Entebbe, 40 km south of Kampala, Uganda.
Beach Woodball is a relatively new sport, and Uganda is one of the first nations to host the world cup. This is the second edition of the tournament and it is expected to send the popularity of the game soaring upwards in Uganda and other African nations. The first edition of the tournament was held at Hong Kong in 2017.
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How Was the Woodball World Cup?
Says Paul Kayongo, the president of the Woodball federation of Uganda who incidentally is also the man who introduced the game to the country. He talked about how Uganda is looking to offer one of the best experiences to play beach volleyball, expressing his gratitude to all the participating nations. About the Beach Volleyball World Cup 2019
The games were opened by Mary Karooro Okurut, who is presently the cabinet minister in charge of general duties in Uganda. She was representing Janet
Museveni, the first lady and the minister of education. Reading from a written speech, she said how they were proud of woodball’s achievement to get a
special status, and that they were able to host the world cup in Uganda.
The Chinese ambassador to Uganda, Zeng Zhuqiang, also attend the opening ceremony which was held at the Spenah beach in Entebbe. The other
teams that are competing in the event include India, Malaysia, South Korea,
Singapore, Hong Kong, and Chinese Taipei. The African nations include
Ghana, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and the hosts Uganda.
Charles Bakkabulundi, the minister of state for sports, mentioned that it was indeed magical the way the sport of woodball has grown rapidly in just ten years. He added that hosting the world cup 2019 in Uganda was part of the government’s initiative to provide the youth of Uganda with opportunities.
One of the senior players of the Ugandan team, Jose Adupa, feels that the
Ugandan team has trained very hard and has a definite chance of winning the tournament. He also mentioned that they would have the home advantage

working in their favor. With the cool sea breeze of Lake Victoria blowing on their faces, people could feel the palpable excitement in the air.
There were several dance performances by popular troupes during the opening ceremony. The Motherwell Junior School Mutungo performed the woodball anthem for which gospel artist Keeno Musanyusa wrote the lyrics. The dignitaries attending the opening ceremony took the ‘I was their moment’ by teeing off the games. This tournament will be a test of the athletes’ determination, skill, grit, and the never say die spirit. Excited? You have every right to feel euphoric. Let us wait and watch as things unfold.

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