Fake Agro-Inputs To End In Kigezi Region As ZAPA Uganda Ltd Opens Certified Shop In Kanungu

Ms Gloria Kyampaire Muriisa , the Chief Executive Officer of ZAPA Uganda Ltd , who has pioneers a one stop agribusiness Center in Kanungu District to serve Kigezi sub Region.

By Patson Baraire

After a country wide outcry by farmers over fake agro inputs, the Government has decided to re-certify and re-accredit the importers and dealers of Agro-chemicals and other inputs in order to fight their distribution to farmers.

The Commissioner Crop Protection, Department of Crop Inspection, Stephen Byantwale said, the Government have put measures to fight the vice to ensure farmers get quality material. He noted substandard inputs have greatly affected the industry and Uganda’s food security situation.

“Such dealers are anti-development. We need to look at this holistically, not only the seeds but also chemicals and fertilizers, among other,” Byantwale noted adding that  if the problem (fake agro inputs) is not handled well, it will affect the entire region.

He noted that there’s need of a serious distribution system. “We want to know who the importer and the distributor are,”Byantwale added.

In Kigezi region farmers have a reason to smile. It’s not everywhere around Uganda that you find a one stop center for agricultural inputs especially in rural areas but ZAPA Uganda Ltd is doing it in Kigezi sub Region.

ZAPA Uganda Ltd manager, Nahurira Proscovia at Panama House in Kambuga Town Council where the one stop Agribusiness Center is located.

It has agribusiness inputs like seedlings, organic fertilizers , farm implements and agricultural advisory services under one roof at Panama House along Kambuga Rugyeyo Road in Kambuga Town Council in Kanungu.

Some of the seedlings a farmer can not miss at ZAPA Uganda Ltd one stop Agribusiness Center.

Located in Kambuga Town Council , Kanungu District, ZAPA Uganda Ltd has already clinched a niche in the agribusiness sector and the name has become household attracting farmers as far as Kisoro , Kabale, Rukiga , Rukungiri , Mitooma and Ntungamo.

Professor George Mondo Kagonyera highly recommended the application of Fertiplus Organic Fertilizer which is supplied by ZAPA Uganda Ltd to farmers.

Who ever uses ZAPA Uganda Ltd Agro inputs can not look back, because most of their products are pure organic and a must use for the farmers.

According to the Chief Executive Officer Gloria Kyampaire Muriisa , who is the brains behind the Project, ZAPA Uganda Ltd their products are specially selected from international certified organic fertilizer suppliers from the Netherlands and it’s rich in macro and micro nutrients that provides strong and natural growth of any plant and it’s a source of of pure organic matter in the soil.

The suppliers , FERTIPLUS Organic Fertilizer is certified Internationally and recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture , Animal Husbandry and Fisheries in Uganda because of its ability to increase productivity which has contributed greatly by enhancing farmers farm out put and increase their incomes.

The Agribusiness products on display at ZAPA Uganda Ltd in Kanungu

She explained that ZAPA Uganda Ltd imports her products right from producers in Netherlands and do not have agents which gives them assurance to give original products to their customers and farmers.

“Fertiplus Organic Fertilizers increase water retention capacity in the soil and restores depleted soils to a healthy balance and increase microbiological activity in the soils” she said.

She said that when Fertiplus Organic Fertilizer is used the soils becomes better managed and there is less occurrence of pests and other diseases in the soils which means a farmer will depend less on pesticides and fungicides to kill the pests .

Nahurira showing off the Fertiplus Organic Fertilizer supplied to farmers which have increased productivity hence more incomes.

The use of Fertiplus Organic Fertilizer ensures that the food item produced are free from harmful chemicals which means the end user of the food product is not exposed to any side effects or exposed to diseases like Cancer, stroke or skin disorders associated with other fertilizers.

Muriisa also said that in order for Ugandan agricultural products to find and compete on international market there is need to adopt the use of authentic organic manure and other agricultural inputs.

Nahurira Proscovia, the Manager of ZAPA Uganda Ltd in Kambuga, said that their products are now being sought by many farmers from near and far and the demand is exceedingly increasing to outshoot the supply.

Nahurira said that farmers who have used their products have come back to them with encouraging massages on how their yields per acre have increased and the soils retained.

She also said that others have confessed on how they are easily finding it easy to apply the fertilizers which they found natural, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

“Our farmers are demanding more than we can supply and this has given us a resolve to ensure that all their demands are met” Nahurira said.

She explained that as a one stop agribusiness center at Panama House ,Kambuga, ZAPA Uganda Ltd has got all seedlings for farmers , herbicide for bush clearing, fungicide for pest and disease treatment and control and farm equipment, like spraying pumps .

She also said that they are major suppliers of biopit digesters which local residents can use to clean their pit latrines since they can’t afford to empty them time and again.

They also provide agricultural extension services to the farmers in need and those who approached them have already realized great benefits from their services.

There is also provision for veterinary services to those in need and their veterinary drugs are very effective and can not be duplicated . Prof George Mondo Kagonyera , a celebrated Veterinary Doctor has high regards for Fertiplus Organic Fertilizer and recommended that every farmer who wants high yields must use them.

Prof Kagonyera, the former Member of Parliament for Rubabo Constituency in Rukungiri District said that if farmers followed Fertiplus instructions on application, they will realise the gold in farming.

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