Kanungu Girl is Back with a Bang to Claim UNSA Vice Presidency

Prize Mari Ahimbisibwe , is eyeing the UNSA Vice Presidency in the Elections skated for Jan 9th 2019

By Patson Baraire

As the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) elections come closer , a number of notable student leaders have come out and offered themselves to be elected for various position on Executive Board of Uganda’s prestigious National Students body.

Ms Prize Mari Ahimbisibwe is one such student contestant who is eyeing the UNSA Vice Presidency for the year 2019/ 2020 and she is seemingly unstoppable.

Prize Mari Ahimbisibwe poster during the ongoing campaign for the post of Vice Presidency in the Uganda National Students Association.

Prize Mari as she is popularly known among-st her peers in the students circles is a seasoned leader having held several elective positions throughout her primary and secondary education.

The 22 year old Prize Mari is born in Kambuga Sub County in Kanungu District and is currently a 3rd Year Social Sciences student at Makerere University and at the same time a First Year Law student at Kampala International University.

Mari leads fellow students into a procession during her campaign trail at Makerere University last year.

Mari contested for Makerere University Guild Presidency last year as an NRM flag bearer but was not successful, but this did not stop her resolve to engage and participate in Student Leadership affairs.

She served as the Vice Chairperson of Makerere University School of Women and Gender Studies and she is also a member of Uganda Students Union. Prize Mari has also served on the Organising Committee of the famous Hult Prize at Makerere University which is an annual competition whose patron is former US President Bill Clinton whose focus is aimed at shipping future leaders.

Prize Mari on one of her mobilisation activities among the student Leadership

Speaking to this reporter on January 8th 2019 , Prize Mari said that UNSA leadership is an epitome of shaping students into future leaders and therefore she is striving hard to ensure that she emerges from the student era as an able leader who can carry the mantle of leadership to greater heights.

She said that she was inspired to offer herself for UNSA leadership after she realized they there was gender imbalances in decision making which she promises to address .

She therefore said that she will use her vast leadership experience to ensure that gender equality is given the equality it deserves. The UNSA general elections are slated to take place at Mbarara High School in Mbarara District between Jan 9th to 13th 2019 during the annual conference.

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