Kampala Named Among Africa’s Best Cities

Kampala Capital City Authority is making strides that have attracted
the world attention to the extent of selected among  12 other cities
to reclaim the lead role in the Africa Smart Towns Network.

Eng Andrew Kitaka , the Executive Director of Kampala City Authority
says their emphasis on infrastructure development is pushing them to
greater heights. The funders of projects feel we are a great example
to lead African cities in bench marking our systems.
Kitaka says they celebrate  recognition they get as it energizes them
to work hard.

Kampala City participated in a competition organized by the French
Development Agency to submit projects being work on that are changing
lives of people.
Other cities selected are Algiers(Algeria), Bamako(Mali),Ben
Guerir(Morocco),Bizerte(Tunisia), Kampala(Uganda),Kigali(Rwanda),
Kumasi(Ghana), Lagos(Nigeria), Maputo-Matola(Mozambique),
Niamey(Niger), Nouakchott(Madagascar), Seme-Kpodji(Benin).

Eng Adrew Kitaka  emphasized his plan for the first 100 days and focus
was going to be on infrastructure improvement, improved revenue
collection and cleaning up of the city especially in terms of garbage
collection and elimination of mud and dust.
Kitaka says they(KCCA) want to make sure all the road reserves are
either grassed or paved .
“ We want to work with property owners in the city to ensure that they
do their part and pave their frontages.
 KCCA place its strong emphasis on automation of processes in service
delivery like the revenue management system(e-citie), smart permits,
traffic control center, digital communication among others.

Last year KCCA signed a collaboration agreement with the government of
Korea to facilitate knowledge sharing and provide a platform to
enhance E-Government (ICT) systems aimed at improving Urban
Administration, effectiveness and efficiency in public service and
information delivery.
The nomination reaffirms KCCA commitment to harnessing the power of
digital towards improved service delivery. As the lead City, Kampala
will play a key role in sharing experiences with other cities on best
practice across all service areas.

The French Development Agency proposes to finance the creation of a
network of African cities around Smart City issues (African Smart
Towns Network- ASTON.
Africa Smart Towns Network is following a similar model customizes to
the needs of African cities.
The project will be launched in June and activities are expected to
start in the third quarter of 2019 for about 3 years until mid 2022.

Peter Kaujju, head of public and corporate affairs says areas like
Kikumikikumi around of Makerere University is fast turning into a
different place for the better. KCCA is turning its shanty makeshift
structures disappear fast while the once dusty road is no more.

Kaujju says the road connecting the popular area of Kikumikikumi ,
Maganzi Awongererwa , a 1.6 km stretch has cost shs 4.8 billions as
part of the Kampala CAPITAL City Authority to improve mobility but
also other key improvements defining the transformation of the city.
He says such signature projects that are defining the transformation
agenda of Kampala City which goes beyond infrastructure but also
social economic empowerment of the inhabitants.

However, John Makumbi a resident of Bwaise says KCCA is moving slowly
in tackling problems yet they want much money from people.
“They are rough while getting taxes from us bt moving on snail pace.
Wait for the rainy season and see mess in Kampala Capital City

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