Joanita Talks Love, Music And Sexiness

Joanita Lubega Zachariassen, is a Ugandan/Danish singer based in Denmark. 
‘A small woman with a big voice’, Joanita, born originally from Uganda, has a Christian background and is a Singer-songwriter. Joanita’s first album was produced in Uganda. She has
worked with Producers like Steve Jean and collaborated with Ugandans biggest artists like
Naviom, Mr Mosh and the Mith. After embarking on a solo career in 2006 she released her first
solo album (soul /pop/reggae) named “Kept me going.”
Joanita never stopped chasing after her dreams as a solo artist, so she challenged herself on trying out different platforms that could give her more exposure, to be seen and heard. She talked
to our snoops this week during an interview, in which she spilt her love secrets and talked about
her music career.

RP: Tell us about yourself and how old you are.
Joanita: I’m Joanita Zachariassen, a Ugandan / Danish Afropop/Pop Artiste and songwriter. I’m based in Denmark but also perform in Uganda. I   have been in the Danish music culture for the
past 18 years. I have since then integrated and contributed my African culture and music in
Denmark by building a bridge between the Danish and Afrodanes with her new Afropop sound and the African vibrant rhythms into the Pop culture of today. My songs are expressed in two languages; Luganda and English. My goal and desire is to see my music influence not only the Danish culture but also the international music culture as well.
RP: What schools did you go to?
Joanita: I studied music at Complete Vocal Institute Copenhagen music school and have been
teaching music for a few years now.
RP: When did you start doing music?
Joanita: At the age of 17/5 I started my journey for music and still going on strong. This journey has never been easy but so far so good. I love how far have come by God’s grace.
RP: How many songs have you recorded so far?
Joanita: Five songs so far, and  I have five projects ready to be released. 
RP: Who or what inspired you to do music?
Joanita: I was inspired by many of the old school artists like Aretha Franklin, Kirk Franklin
Michael Jackson, Etta James,
James Brown, Whitney Houston and many more

RP: What else do you do apart from music?
Joanita: I’ve been a fulltime musician only doing music for the past six years and still now that’s
all I do. 
RP: Do you have a family, are you dating or single?
Joanita: I have my own family and no, I’m not single 
RP: What do you find sexy about yourself?
Joanita: Everything about me is sexy 
RP: Do you have a crush on any Ugandan musician?
Joanita: Right now I’m crushing on Sheebah; I like that lady and what she does. She is a great musician.

RP: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Joanita: Grammy winner; I believe dreams do come true and God is still God.
 RP: Who records your music?
Jonaita: Different producers like Chief1, Alphonso Lovelace 
and  others.
RP: Who writes your music have you released an album yet?
Joanita: I write and  compose my  music, and an EP will be out end of April .

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