By Jolly Gwari

Sheila Gashumba has not been following her father’s criticism on some certain topics.

 Frank Gashumba is lately targeting men that are confused by women because of sex. 

Gashumba will always comment on any topic that he feels does not please him.

His attacks are usually of importance and society building because they pump sense into specific and targeted heads.

 In an emotional tale, Frank Gashumba, an activist, is currently not happy with his daughter’s boyfriend, Ali Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan.

 Frank Gashumba has confirmed that he is not ready to take in God’s Plan as his son-in-law and warned him to stop spoiling his beloved daughter.

  It is said that God’s Plan has been begging Sheilah’s dad to bless their union.

Gashumba accuses God’s Plan of spoiling his only daughter and the person he was rasing to be among the most powerful female leaders in Uganda and marry in a rich family but not to a criminal like Marcus.

 In addition, Frank has dared God’s Plan to take a step into his home in Bunga if he calls himself a man.

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