Kawolo Turns From Mukono’s Grave To First Class Hospital

By Jessica Namatovu

Kawolo Hospital has been fully renovated by the government of Uganda and will be commissioned by President Museveni in the near future.

Dr Diana Atwiine , the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Health says thank God the Hospital is complete.

“We challenge the hospital management to ensure proper maintenance for this infrastructure and equipment, but also to give it full meaning by ensuring satisfactory services to our people”, Atwiine said.

The Ministry of Health thanks  the technical and civil works teams on the ground. They hope for improved care and ambience for patients.

Kawolo hospital had been nicknamed “Mukono’s Grave”, built almost 50 years ago its capacity had been over stretched.

Plants had grown on the iron sheets, with bear holes. The X-ray machine was out of service due to mechanical problems. It was the ultra-sound machine working.

The human resource seconded at the hospital reported late to work , there was no morale to work as the facility was sick.

The elderly, youthful, adults, teenagers and accident victims were all crowded at Kawolo hospital.

There were few beds broken beyond repair though some supported with bricks a common feature in government hospitals. The mattresses didn’t have covers (mackintoshes), torn nets and blankets.

 Broken, rusted and dirty lockers beside every bed were visible, potholed floors , ,what else left, the situation was bad. Even the broom with which the cleaners used were old and shabby.

 Kawolo hospital that used to improvise with everything has been refurbished and its ambiance is fresh and new.

James Musisi a resident of Lugazi thanks President Yoweri Museveni for fulfilling his promise. Our Children will live to tell a different story about this hospital.

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