Quin Gee Talks Music And Why She Crushes On Kenzo

Fast rising singer Quin Gee is one of Uganda’s new music sensations. She is not only talented when it comes to music but is also a great entertainer because of her superb dancing skills. She talked to OMG magazine, revealing all about her music career and why she has a crush on singer Eddy Kenzo. Here are the excerpts of the interview;

OMG: Can you please tell us about yourself?

Quin Gee: I’m Faida Gloria aka Quin Gee, a Madi by tribe, from Moyo district in West Nile. I love people music and movies. I’m a Muzukulu of the 90s.
OMG: What schools did you study at?
Quin Gee: I studied my nursery and primary at Fr. Bilbao Memorial Nursery and Primary school, then ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels at Metu senior secondary school in Moyo.                           
OMG: When did you start doing music?
Quin Gee: I have been a singer all my life, having started during my days at school. However, professionally, I started doing music in 2013. 
OMG: What genre of music do you do?
Quin Gee: I specialize in Zouk and dancehall, although I can do any other music genre because I’m multi-talented.       OMG: Have you recorded any songs so far?
Quin Gee: Oh yes, I have recorded 13 songs; singles and 4 collaborations. 

OMG: Why did you choose secular music instead of gospel?
Quin Gee: Secular music is what my heart desires but that doesn’t mean I can’t do gospel, and I’m a true believer too.    
OMG: What or inspired you to sing?
Quin Gee: Oh well. No one inspired me but then it’s the talent that  God gave me and I love music.
OMG: What else do you do apart from music?      Quin Gee: I’m a model and businesswoman. I deal in African collections (Kitenge) designs.

OMG: Are you dating, single or being searched?
Quin Gee: He-he! I’m single and not being searched.
OMG: Would you like to do a collabo with any Ugandan musician?
Quin Gee: Oh yeah and that’s Rema Namakula.
OMG: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Quin Gee: In the next five years I think I will rule the Uganda Music Industry.  
OMG: Do you have a crush on any Ugandan musician?
Quin Gee: Oh yeah. Eddy Kenzo. Trust me he is nice and Cute! OMG: Who produces your music?
Quin Gee: I don’t have a specific producer. I have worked with many producers like  Don, Joshman Perfection, Markington and Slota man.

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