Robinsan Spills His Music Secrets

By Pius Niwarinda

Many of you have heard his vocals and swayed to his enthusiastic music but you didn’t know who this talented singer is. However, OMG Magazine caught up with singer Robinsan, who has taken over Uganda’s gospel music by storm. Here is what he says about himself;

RP: Tell us about yourself and how old you are.
Robinsan: I am Tumuhairwe Robert most commonly known as Robinsan a dynamic and a multi-award winning gospel artiste. 
RP: What schools did you go to?Robinson: I never went to very nice schools because I grew up in the ghetto with my mom who worked as a maid to put food on the table for me & my sisters
I went to summit view Primary school, then went to Nakasongola Army S.S, Ndejje High school, St. Francis S.S and finally Muyenga High where I  completed senior 6.
RP: When did you start doing music?
Robinsan: I started music in Sunday school at 5years old. At that age I  was playing drums in church. In school I preferred playing soccer though when they realized I could drum they forced me into music.
RP: What genre of music do you do?

Robinsan: I do Afro-dancehall and reggae
RP: How many songs have u recorded so far

Robinsan: I have recorded quite a number of songs. I can’t be able to count but I can estimate them to 100.

RP: Why did you choose gospel music instead of going secular because that’s where the money is?
Robinsan: Money is also in the gospel industry though i didn’t join the industry with the money aspect. I had the passion and the zeal to inspire and to hook souls to Christ. 

RP: Who or what inspired you to do music
Robinsan: Used to listen to Papa San (Jamaican gospel artist), Bob Marley and Steve Mukonjo who is now a Pastor.
RP: What else do you do apart from music?

Robinsan: I  am an entrepreneur and I am the voice behind some Ads you hear on radios and TVs like Airtel Massape & MTN pulse.

RP: Do you have family, are u dating or single

Robinsan: hahaha… I  have a family; one beautiful daughter and a wife. I guess that can answer all the relationship questions?

RP: Do you have a crush on any Ugandan musician?
Robinsan: Haha…Not really, I have the most beautiful woman.

RP: where do you see yourself in d next five years?
Robinsan: In the next 5years i want my music to spread all over Africa. But also to able to help the young upcoming musicians around the continent.
RP: What advice do you give to youth who are aspiring gospel musicians?
Robinsan: They should stay focused, pray and keep trusting God .Ugandan gospel music has grown compared to how it was back then .And watch out because very soon gospel is going to be on Top. I always hashtag  saying, #GospelMusicTakingOver. We didn’t have such concerts as Levixone’s “Turn the replay” .We didn’t have gospel on powerful count downs like Fab MC’s. We are taking over the industry.
RP: You as a mirror of society, what’s your stand on drugs among the youth in Uganda?
Robinsan: The rate of drug abuse in the country is high among the Youth. And one of the things I do is to sensitize the Youth about the dangers in drug abuse.
RP: If your given a choice to choose between  Exodus and Levixone who would you go with and why (must answer question)
Robinsan: Levixone & Exodus are both brothers to me .And they are all well talented. I have respect for both of them. We are a team with one goal and if we stay together we are going to achieve.
RP: You have a new single ‘Oxygen’ out; tell us what was the inspiration behind it?

Robinsan: My music is inspired by the Holy Spirit The fact that God is our provider. He is also our oxygen. And without him we cannot breathe. He created us with the capacity to breathe in order to sustain our natural lives.

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