City lawyer kidnapped, bundled into numberless police car

A top city lawyer Mr John Kibedi has been kidnapped by two masked muscular men travelling in a blue numberless car said to be belonging to Uganda Police Force.

He was picked on August 2, 2019 while addressing media about his anger over the controversial conviction of his client.

According to the secretary of the kidnapped lawyer from Kimera & Co Advocates, the men did not mention why and where they were taking him.

“Our next step is to report to Police a case of kidnapped person and the law firm is going to file an order of Hebeas corpus, ordering police to produce our colleagues dead or alive. We will also sent messages to all media outlets calling for anybody with information of his whereabouts to help us,” she said.

The Uganda Law Society responded to Kibedi’s arrest saying: “We are dismayed by these inhuman actions of police that culminated on a colleague while practicing his legal profession.
Police acted in a cruel and in a disrespectful manner. Such incidents have earlier happened to our other colleague Mr Karenge Mubarak was also picked up from his chamber in a similar manner on March 15, 2019. Another learned colleague Mr Mugisha Mark also picked up from his work place on May 8, 2019. Both have never been found and just recently another colleague Isaac Sendegeya was shot dead from his home in Kisoro District. These actions must stop immediately.”

Counsel Kibedi’s last remarks

He had complained of the judge who had threatened to charge him for contempt of court and same judge had ordered him never to appear in his court because he (Kibedi) had asked the State Attorney and the judge many questions plus putting them on pressure to revise the Anti Homosexuality Act,2014. He argued that the law is invalid and was nullified by High Court, but the judge defended himself by saying that she was convicting the sodomite A1 Rita Nakito under sections 38-145a, Cap 120-160 of the 1950 & 2009 Penal Code Act.
The judge added that much as Anti Homosexuality Act 2014 was nullified by High Court due to small quorum of legislators, sodomy remains a big offence & punishable up to 7 years imprisonment for first offenders on conviction and life imprisonment for second time offender and a forced deportations to the individuals and suspension of licences of NGO’s that fund the vice.

How Nakito’s case came about

According to a recorded police statement at Katwe PS by a one Deus Ssebulime, his mother-in-law (Robina Babirye’s mother) called him to tell him about his sister-in-law was in critical condition and that she had run short of funds to clear hospital bills for her daughter.

“I immediately went to hospital, from where my mother-in-law told me that Robina was back in Uganda and that she was at Rita Nakito’s home. I rushed to Nakito’s home to see my love Robina because it was a long time and on reaching there, I found the door open, I walked inside because I had wanted to surprise my love Robina.”

“I was shocked to see Rita and Robina naked lying on the floor and were romancing. Besides there was a plastic penis & glycerin cream tube, I was shocked because it was strange and it was too much for me. I started asking them questions that led into fighting and during the scuffle, Robina hit my nose and my private parts with her head and bit my fingers.”

“I was in much pain and bleeding which eventually resulted into consciousness. I later learnt that Robina fleed with the help of a Boda-Boda man who was later arrested by Local Defence personnel from Kizungu zone in Makindye. The man was identified as Kasi Dan, whom Robina told that I was fighting them and wanted to rape them.

BodaBoda rider Kasi Dani who had helped Robinah flee handcuffed and escorted to cell by police

Our correspondent also had interview with Robina’s mother and aunt, and the Makindye based family expressed anger over their daughter Robina Babirye evil activities such as sodomy with her jailed girlfriend Rita Nakito
“Babirye is a disgrace and a curse to our family, we’re ashamed of homosexual affairs. I lost my business which was set on fire and some people from our community destroyed my home alleging that I was hiding Robina inside one of my houses. Police should arrest her from wherever she is and be taken to prison such that she can learn a lesson. We regret our wasted funds on her,” her mother said.
However, attempts to arrest Robina is still futile as no one seem to know her whereabouts.

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