By Jolly Gwari

Makerere University fresher Henry Ssubi Kiyimba, the University Hall (UH) student that blew up the media when crowdfunding saved him from ridicule and trolls that he had suffered as a result of reporting with a metallic suitcase and an ousofia paper bag, has been advised to stay away from slay queens at Campus and in Kampala. After being offered free shopping well-wishers have advised Ssubi to steer clear of self-seeking fresh queens that are full on the streets of campus and in Kampala.

“After all these selfless gestures that Ugandans have shown Ssubi, I hope he doesn’t forget where he came from. I encourage him to stay focused and humble and look at leaving the university with a very good class degree. Slay queens must be on the lookout for him” Drew Atwiine from Twitter advised him.

“I have seen bright students like Ssubi lose track of their focus and commitment after being exposed to luxury. Not that I am downplaying the efforts of the well-wishers but the young boy from a humble background in Masaka who has never held a Smartphone in his life, is going to start by holding an iPhone. There is a reason to worry. Let us pray for him” Aliot Owachugui from Face book said.

Ssubi Kiyimba is the first one in his family of 8, supported by a single mother, to make it to university. He scored 17 points while studying Physics, Economics and Maths in a little known village high school (St. Bruno’s Serunkuma SS Goli).

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